Not once do the beasts unshod hooves reach stone or sand.Burdened by his master for the princely task at hand.

Clamoring throngs on needy and willing seek his audience.

Waving green fronds, placing them before beast and this son of man.

Journey nearly complete as this pair strode through Jerusalem’s streets.

From accolades to accusations men swimming in lusts sins gather.

Aware, poised, prayerful motions of Passover Seder, and a garden night.

Nights covets her bold, taking from young and old.

Demeaned and demanded, offered and rejected, a murder set free.

Feet beat paths to a hill, it gives me still a painful chill.

To see him where he hung, between two thieves, one he called son.

Dying there, above us all, asking The father, to forgive us all.

Then in the darkness that once held day, temple drape torn, elders cried.

As the earth shook, the son of man died, pierced for our transgressions.

Removed, entombed he would remain as we each shared our private shames.

Morning called after two nights had passed, through the stones lentils he passed. 

Awakened from his battle with death, offering us peace, and Faith’s final breath.

Deeply inhale then walk, no run, and tell, of this savior who will not fail.

Risen is he, victor o’r the grave. Standing for love, charity and peace, near the mercy seat.

Easter you ask, why celebrate something in the past.

I tell you know, I shout his victory, wow, he lives within my heart.

It’s where you can get a new start, Easter is every day.

Come with me, as through the the Holy Spirit to Jesus we pray.



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