Did you

Did you?Did you hear the anger?

Did you see the fighting?

Did you understand why?

Did you see liberty die?

Did it grow from words spoken?

Did it begin with an action?

Did one party scream at another?

Did evil invade democracies heart?

Did you?

Did you know it started here?

Did you hear one word uttered?

Did it begin so simply?

Did you see their faces?

Did you know feeding makes it grow?

Did you know it was hate?

Did it sound so complete?

Did you know I heard it before?

Did you see it on a democratic floor?

Did you hear young people say?

Did you see young people cry?

Did you see a nation cringe?

Did you?

Did I have to ask?

Did you remember the past?

Did it not begin with hate?

Did it begin with liberal debate?

Did they not salt their desires?

Did they not pepper us with their wants?

Did they not dine on freedoms heart?

Did I not cry for you?

Did you just cry for me?

Did you know we believe differently?

Did you know we can still be friends?

Did you?

Did you know?



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