Hello, amid the plastic

HelloAmid the plastic and chemical smells of gowns and whispered tells, it’s me again.

Handling questions and answers the same, it’s like a game.

No one wins when we choose, to refuse the treatments they use.

Defeating cancer bring the pains, relieves the body of flesh with which we came.

I thank you.

Yes for these we lost from them we learned.

For those who choose wildfires burn.

Taking radiation as we yearn for yesterday’s.

Yesterday’s before we knew, cancers due.

I thank you.

Here today, in a cold room listening to nurses say.

With this medicine you pray.

Pray we never see you again on a cancer day.

Smiling we laugh as the freedom returns, cancers cells were burned.

I thank you.

Taking another hour, we complain.

Then think about the place we are in.

Growing in joy we race with hymns on our lips.

Singing if grace and faith we slip into to hopes harmony.

I thank you.

Doctors fall from our way.

As they sing of healing and fading pain.

Here with friends we’ve gained.

Holding on to life Christ has saved.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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