Hello, huddled with my 

HelloHuddled with my love under a blood red moon, it’s me again.

Well, it’s really us.

As aloud we thank you for another glorious day.

For the coolness of the hour, your glorious healing power.

I thank you.

Yes, we thank you.

For what we have yet to receive.

For things and trials yet begun.

For each we come to you, the Father, Holy Ghost and Son.

I thank you.

Where we are today is miles from the place yesterday.

Where we will be tomorrow is hours from this place we are today.

The are only two constants in the universe, change, and you.

Change allows us to adjust, you are the adjuster.

I thank you.

When tears fill my eyes for those who have none.

When hurt fills my body for those who only know pain.

When anger fills my soul for those who can give no more.

Then, I see your face in each and understand this peace filling my soul.

I thank you.

Day holds a grip on this darkness inside our hearts.

The Rays strain to contain its seeping struggles.

For a moment a strand escapes becoming me to mourn.

Then, a word from you, and away the depression is torn.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.


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