Hello, angry

HelloAngry, for unknown reasons, stewing on another season, It’s me again.

Never quite sure till the fire fills my heart.

Then in the ensuing moments casting off anxieties fears, realty returns.

Once again, this world, inserted its desires and depressing thoughts into my head.

I thank you.

Seems, no matter how focused I become, evil, finds its way in.

Thank you Christ for giving me a voice in the darkness to follow.

A stranger would think me crazy, like some friends.

But, is not the case. Just wanting to help, wanting take away her next step.

I thank you.

Tears fill so much my heart, they stream from my eyes.

Blue white and red streaming eyes.

 A patriot, I salute her.

I salute you, as the tears continue.

I thank you.

Another stolid for his love where now am I.

Comfort comes with his words tonight.

Still, I want to get to normal.

Where ever you want normal to be.

I thank you.

Now, I’ve vented, back to my regular crazy self.

Prayers for my wife, my mother, my mother-in-law, the list goes on.

Tomorrow, new appointments, challenges continue.

This you knew before I started, still you listened.

I thank you.

Take from me these blinding moments of helplessness.

Return peace, and it’s companion understanding.

Take from me frustration, angers evil widow.

Return hope, faiths eternal reward.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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