Hello, deep in your

HelloDeep in your word, exploring your ways; yes, it’s me again.

Sifting through Noah’s charge.

Looking for my Arc to build.

Reading, rereading your messages here-in.

I thank you.

This lesson you prepare.

I my heart to share here.

Began at civilizations birth.

The truth, before then.

I thank you.

As she cuddles my pillow.

I seek your guidance.

Wishing to share your words, not my own.

Not sitting here alone, your will here guides me.

I thank you.

Never once have you failed.

Though I challenged you with my life.

Often short of your goals.

Still you rescue from the night.

I thank you.

As these words fill my head.

Sitting, reading, understanding we are like him.

Each a Noah.

Building our Arc of witness.

I thank you.

In our struggles, laboring to fit the boards of our lives.

Nailing, sawing, boating before angry, prying eyes.

Faiths Pitch, water proofs our hope filled ship.

As others greedy, but unwilling, watch and conceive.

I thank you.

It comes as I try. 

This understanding in the night.

Evil, long unchecked, our lives become a wreck.

A first hammer stroke, you send into our sin.

I thank you.

Could I have seen this before.

I am not sure.

Just now in my struggles.

Seeing your strength in her slumbering snuggles.

I thank you.

Secure in your arms.

Prayerfully wrapped as her heart there naps.

Tight in her Faith Arc, away from life’s harms.

Build, one prayer at a time, lived walking your line.

I thank you.

As I build for me.

What others can see.

A Faith Arc that sets me free.

To witness for thee.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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