Hello, growing still

HelloGrowing still in hopes sleep will find us, its me again.

Tired from doing nothing, while watching everything.

Passing between worry and blessings.

Yearning to simply sit with my love, singing, praying and crying your praise.

I thank you.

Still, silently, seeking rest.

It fails to often to make our night the best.

Yet, we know it will come.

Just as the health returns.

I thank you.

Like a father yearning to bring the best for his daughters..

As a husband forging through elements to weld a future from the past.

With the hopes if faith cementing our plans.

We walk here, hand in hand.

I thank you.

From Galilee you once walked.

To share a love with those who’d not to you talk.

Standing, at my side, hearing your words, stripped of my pride.

Humbly, kneeling, unable to stand, take me lord, as your servant, thus man.

I thank you.

Holding on to my last strength.

Hearing her offer your praise, able her smile to keep.

Just, as before, your hand taps at my door.

Inside I call, come inside, crying this barrier I swing wide.

I thank you.

Carry us through this night.

Giving us rest, before mornings renewed fight.

No battle to great.

For our savior, who’s time is never late.

I thank you.

Take me into your arms.

There along side my love with her charms.

Sharing our love and yours in this life.

Grant us peace, in which to keep this night.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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