Hello,  in The present

HelloIn the present darkness seeking sleep before the dawn, it’s me again.

Filled with anxieties self enriched and retreaded worries.

Fumbling in the dark for the switch to disengage thoughts.

Grumbling, stumbling, till your hand flips the switch.

I thank you.

Often, I forget to ask your help.

Seeking my own solutions so self evident.

Trembling in frustration I watch others succeed.

Then, I kneel, and ask you to lead.

I thank you.

In this desert of dangling dreams.

Watching my love struggle it seems.

Her needs are greater by far.

Still I call on you by the hour.

I thank you.

Listening till I pause.

Your heart fills mine with peace.

This struggle, we are not alone.

Friends and family fight their own beasts.

I thank you.

Building this Arc of faith.

One prayer nail at a time.

Fitting these worry planks into place.

Covering them with pains pitch.

I thank you.

As the promised rains come.as we fill this vessel of hope.

Our journey, each new struggle, we’ll cope.

Knowing you guide this rudderless vessel.

Pull the waves before over our bow they crash.

I thank you.

Sleep is but a wish.

As dreams fill our fist.

Gladly they are shared.

For you we’ll dare.

I thank you.

Tonight, fill her dreams with hopes whispers.

Mine, with faiths chapters and verse.

Continue our discussion even when I become terse.

Linger with us as night’s slumber takes hold.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.


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