hello, once through the mist

HelloOnce through the mist of forgetfulness, I return to you.

Sending old dreams of pain to where they will remain.

Huddled against the night, till we see your light.

Here, amid what remains, you remain the same.

I thank you.

Gambling on wants returned us empty.

Returned us to days of longing who’s hours are ongoing.

Remembering your promise.

Promise that with us through all you remain.

I thank you.

Nearer grows a scheduled pain.

From it she gains renewal.

Completeness, found in your embrace.

Our vision of tomorrow, you are today.

I thank you.

When we dream.

Of you and simple times returning again.

Awakes by reality to find.

You are all we need, needed, wanting nothing more.

I thank you.

Here, where today begins.

Yesterday ends and tomorrow a fantasy.

Here, is where we are.

Where you are.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.


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