hello, thinking thoughts of her

HelloThinking thoughts of her, I return to you, yes I’m back.

Two weeks from today, under a surgeons skilled blade she’ll lay.

Waiting the return of what cancer did take and burn.

Her heart is with you now, stubborn and proud.

I thank you.

Pride not in self, but reliance in yourself.

Stubborn, not for her will, but yours Lord.

Growing in your grace for all to see.

I, I’m here, on bended knee.

I thank you.

Will you grant me peace to share.

Give me hope for all I care.

Send me wisdom to spare.

Hold me close wiping aware fears tears.

I thank you.

These are not questions I ask.

Simply desires I know won’t last.

For filling them I feel your presence is so real.

Granting understanding beyond my years.

I thank you.

Now before these who here read.

Read of wants, desires and such things.

Knowing here I share my dreams.

Knowing these are your, important seeds.

I thank you.

For those who read and see.

What your love means to her and me.

How you walk us through trial.

As we, with you deal with others bile.

I thank you.

Coming on the threshold of tomorrow.

Where we are promised nothing but today.

I live for you and Pray.for those who cannot praise you in all they say.

Tonight, you may return, and to morrow we will never earn.

I thank you.

Your grace us more than sufficient for me.

We will stand for you publicly.

Judging none, singing of one.

Healed of sins scourge, defeat from our lives purged.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.


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