Before anger

Amber images fill my mind as I look through the smoke of time.Before I knew anger, I knew you and was hopeful. Fear filled my waking hours till I remembered your words. Dazed and confused in this clinging jungle of sin, I asked you to come in. Endless nights on the edge of terminal fright, […]

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Chaos’ reign

Falling from my face the smile only time could erase. Fear frolics in this heart, as evil charts its course. Embers of life remain, signifying chaos’ reign. Emptied soul of life’s discourse, cowering under hates force. Suddenly too recall, the reason I’m here at all. Faith floods my veins with life, as hope re-ignites the […]

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Journalists hunt

Tethered are we journalists to truths trembling vessel,bounce between stoic jetties of mistrust, And countless tsunamis of disgust. Our Penchant for broadcasting evils hurt, Derives no pleasure for these in new’s hunt. We return for news material, to humanities troth, Pain, pestilence and grief from societies mouth froths. Messengers share of blame we accept, Though […]

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News gathering

With a wail it begins, and a tear it ends.Fear and loathing, children in rags for clothing. Screaming help, voices climbing fm radios on a shelf. Sprinting crews, skiing information for your news. Repeating he call, who had died, and where did thy fall. On occasion hates traffic once ran, now gridlocked by evils grin. […]

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Just one

Just one more step.  Here between these rocks I’ll rest.  Stiffening my resolve, this pain and all. To ascend the summit, before strife returns and I plummet. Just one more step. Praying for the lord me to bless. So near the ends beginning, far, so far from the beginnings end. Loss, we all share, these […]

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We won’t

We won’t say that here.Not something about which we cheer. Inflammatory progression of indigestible oration. Uncontrolled variance on liberal discord. We won’t say that here. Repugnant conservative world views. Acceptingly self appointed, self abused. Unrelenting verbose, constitutional prose you, use. We won’t say that here. Regardless the context, it’s pursuit redressed.  Unwavering democratization an unnecessary […]

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Known you better

I wanted to know you better. Listening as choices revealed your life. Hearing failures and their plights. How hope filled empty nights. Yes, witness your face’s collections. Eyes wide in search,  mouth with responses perched. See the furrows of time unfold,  as we each grow old. I wanted to know you better. What justified anger […]

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This pew

Too often this wooden pew I’ve held.Listened, of loved one’s others tell. Again it comes, like distant thunder. Shaking my heart, bringing tears and wonder. How far this heart fell, before it recovers. Watching others over this person hover. Not there, not there my heart cries out. Soulless, body of memories remains, I shout. Unheard, […]

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Hard has time been on these memories you live within. Stinging the ears of a grandson, bitter tastes each one. Understanding grows, for each revelation better you I sow. Living as best we can, struggling with desires demons, and their friends. Learning, with each burning need, where help, hope can seed. Cascading reasons through decades […]

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Dragon poem pt 6

Satan’s Breath (pt5)Glowing spires of humanities remains,  claimed before, this hell they came. Spotted by time,  roasted over civilizations coals,  hurting for old crimes. Men, and women resting in this den,  relinquishing their rights for mortal sin. Amber, yellow glow her eyes, not with gold,  but restoring earth before she dies. Envy crowns her cherry […]

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