This pew

Too often this wooden pew I’ve held.Listened, of loved one’s others tell.

Again it comes, like distant thunder.

Shaking my heart, bringing tears and wonder.

How far this heart fell, before it recovers.

Watching others over this person hover.

Not there, not there my heart cries out.

Soulless, body of memories remains, I shout.

Unheard, my grief is shared, for this one, others cared.

Again it will happen, prayers for each I dare.

Ask for peace, and painless rest, in heavens nest.

Still, this choking feeling grips my chest, Christ knows best.

Pausing till my breath returns, for heaven we yearn.

Not this time I pray, but this pain, for now will stay.

Sharing, thoughts with these gathered here today.

We agree, it is here we too often each other see.

Holding hands, singing praise, in silence we take a knee.

It will come again, as we near the gate.

This we are certain, to have our own date.

W.A. Manning


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