Hard has time been on these memories you live within.

Stinging the ears of a grandson, bitter tastes each one.

Understanding grows, for each revelation better you I sow.

Living as best we can, struggling with desires demons, and their friends.

Learning, with each burning need, where help, hope can seed.

Cascading reasons through decades seasons, filling a need.

Empty with loss, unwilling to be alone, even though not, much it will cost.

Haggard by betrayal, self deceit, out of collapse and ruin, at life you railed.

First one, then another seeking comfort and love in earthly fashion.

Till, accepting, Christ’s love as your one true passion.

Strife followed your peace seeking journey.

Out living two children, two husbands and other family, enduring calamity.

Setting the record strait, each word ordered for a future date.

Captured in time, your story of want and hope fills my mind.

Angry and confused, many choices some that you amuse.

Each path you selected, issued you this character, Christ for you elected.

Not angry, nor sad, sometimes hungry and often glad.

A child of God, feet firmly on this earth, peaceful, not mad.

How are you remembered, why would you care, you live lovingly in memories shared.

A journey nears completion, your pain soon erased.

Can another know such mercy, without seeing the Saviors face.

Wishing your climb, Gods speed, as with angels you his call soon heed.

Our hopes and memories the darkness now bleed, remaining filled with hopes deeds.

Battles were many, this last one you knew, is the end of life here for you.

Grandmother, take this heart, hurting as it cries.

For in the madness of this life, you chose heavens open skies.

May we who here remain, choose life and heaven gain.

Thank you, that the lord gave you too us, we promise not to make a fuss.

Go now, share his story, live with our family in glory.

Tell Joe and Marie, we hope some day too each see.

Carry on, sing your song, and dance on golden streets, where there is no wrong.

Grandmother your charge here is fulfilled, even in loss, we are healed.



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