Statues Fall

It is real this hate we see.

It struggles within you and me.

But foolish leaders focus our thoughts,

On misguided desires, claiming peace can be bought.

No statues fall, or street renamed,

Can heal the pain from which it came.

Accepting on faith each persons claim,

Judge not skin hues, but how their character is framed.

Fear falls when ignorance is lost,

Learn histories lesson, deny it at a cost.

Name new schools, faith, hope and love.

For victory over hate come from above.

Don’t give in to angry calls from foolish mouths,

Denying not lessons of past, costing our future, north and south.

Pray with me that anger fails and peace fills our futures sails.

Leave alone monuments of the past, 

lest we are remembered as ISIS and Taleban in the west forever cast.

Hand in hand across the divide, use each monument to form positive lessons inside.

My skin doesn’t reflect my blood, native, African, Irish and all above.

In each heart there is no pure race, so judge not, we are all part of the human race.


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