Chaos veteran

Furious winds gouge from the heartland peace, a simple security breached… No home withstands havoc’s embrace, standing before natures furious race… Hearts hemorrhaging hopes fires as crews stumbling amid life’s debris fed pyres… Survivors on bended knee attending memorials, longing but not defeated… Rescued hopes spring from between fallen branches, a child, up from the […]

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When asked to explain a new Hash-tag on my Twitter- I thought I’d share with everyone—you may have some to add… It afflicts those gathering as much as those watching the news. When News so overwhelms your senses your unable to bring in or release new information. You are walking in a Zombie like trance, […]

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The race

This is the race I had not known to run, this path from the starting gun… Cast between faith and hope, my lot, this heart with which I cope… Stepping across this line, starting on quickening time, toward a finish, not only mine… Under expected minutes, racing faster than human limits, toward an unknown time… […]

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News pride

If loss has a universal image, it is the fatherless daughter crying into her weeping mothers shoulder. The forlorn look of a man bereft of is life long friend staggering through a memorial procession. If success carries a similar image, it is in a Dias filled with opponents congratulating a former leader before throngs of […]

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