Between Remember

Between the bites, with flames streaming into night, remember… Between the nights deafening roar, the fires of battles, he remembers… Between the laughter crossing waves, the parades we, each other gave, remember… Between the tears, wading ashore with his fears, he still remembers… Between the smiles of family not seen for a while, remember… Between […]

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Unearned pride

In between the folds it began, fear, away with men’s hearts soon ran. Quartered between hysteria and hate, a generation their elders denigrate. Ripples casting aside times even measure, rumbling about caressing how’s treasure. In hours of unearned pride, liberty cried and peace died. Taken in small measures, belittled freedoms failing with life’s unchallenged weather. […]

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Taking without ceasing

Unaware where we, as the events unfolded. Watching with excitement and trepidation as history marched through liberties streets. Began, it did, with hates anger wringing live from kids. Seeping into theaters with violent fantasies to reveal on unsuspecting patrons. Cries before, fell often deafly, upon changes managers placed in state and federal buildings. Ivory perches […]

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Pedestaled elite

Tempting words repeated aloud rebound from growing crowds. Casual discourse in charged arenas, responsive discord bent on callus meanings. Crumbling minds burning in defeat, grasping, claiming childhood so sweet. Innocent, angry, hurting a crowd, rapidly dispatching hate in leads shroud. Cast about on turbulent time, words that lead issued for those who’d bleed. Minds bent […]

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Already Words

Already words removing our wants go unheard… Already words reclaiming our needs go unheeded…. Already words rescinding our rights go unchecked… Already words relinquishing our hopes go unseeded…. Already words return our electoral will…unfulfilled… WAM

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Your taking

Your desire to take what is not yours, it astounds…. Your want of my loss sends this mind reeling, it confounds…. Your willingness to look past reason, leaves us seething… Your relentless approach to our freedoms, is not without hidden meaning… Your angry diatribe, unwillingness to dialogue, leaves us confused… Your assault on one right, […]

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