Anger, no it’s pain

For the Uniformed few—  Anger, no it’s pain. Both fill this human frame. Watching your struggle. Seeing others pass. Anger, no it’s pain. For those I’ll never know. End of Shift bells toll. Tears from stranger’s flow. Anger, no it’s pain. Each name read aloud. Heroes, of each proud. I know you not. Anger, no […]

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Bright, inquisitive they drew me in. Tortured and confused they held me still. Radiating from your soul I see your pain. Moments of hope and their spark’s regained. Living colors spreading about a sphere. Blues and greens radiating clues. In them I see your struggling hues. Dimly once the held my heart. Trembling I recall […]

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Damascus My brother and I were with him in Jerusalem. As he spoke from the crowd insisting they move. We stood with the many as held held cloaks for the few. Bravely the cast one then another, till life fled. Yes, I’ll testify he sought warrants for others. We cheered his actions, he chose us […]

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Arrogant intellect

Sifting through this wanting life, finding what lies beneath… Soulless faces, coal black hearts with eyes focused where hate starts… Watching as hope from young lives leaks onto granite paths of greed.. Loves death is celebrated here indeed, with each curse a smile fades… Child like wonder masked in hurts charades, as faithless eyes reveal […]

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Tender fingers delicately tease dark strands across parted lips… Wide eyes reflecting childish wishes as words encourage plays initiatives… Tiny voices grow in chorus, “fly me Addie, Fly me next…” Launched from earths infernal hold toward heaves eternal goal… Returning to strong caring hands, memories if friends for every stands… Smiling faces, fill these eyes, […]

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So it begins

So it began, with calculated plans this evil held within the hearts of men… Dark desires, crossed mental wires, unleashed deceit on children complete… Copper scented rooms, echoing hurt, crimson splashed, hope dashed… So it began, calls to retake, tools of death for future sake… Echoing the desires of men in ivory spires, words fired, […]

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Dominate species

Dominate species If you are ill, this might give you greater chill… A season approached, stronger than most… As people unaware, their mortality soon to stare… Coming in time, growing in swells, all too soon medicine fails… On cool winds carried aloft, plants toxins constantly are we brought… Brewed in a stew, beneath the earth […]

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A lifetime

We in a moment see a lifetime of suffering. In images cast in crimson reflecting loss in empty eyes. Staring beyond now, hungering or hope we see only pain born in selfish desires. Rapidly flipping between shell shocked villages and pocked and peeling facades of high rise home each vision repeated unceasingly for ever confused […]

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A story begins

Fingers, touch tentatively as each passes across a pale bare shoulder up from the arm to her tender slender neck. Rolling his hand till the nail tops press gently to the giving flesh, his arm descends pulling slowly the upturned palm trailing recently prepared nails down across a bare arm till his upturned palm rests […]

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Reason to exist

Tan, black and red swirling patterns bound with fire upon a frame for the tiny fingers of a child. Or did once the sand in rusted vessel hold sweet aromas bound for a feminine client seeking to allure a husbands nose? Found in fields turned for decades by plows behind horse and man. Unearthed where […]

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