He is there

He is there when back from the mirror I stare. Regardless his path, wreck less at best. His wishes I’ve bested with each of his challenges tested. His words fill my heart all these years we’ve been apart. He is there when back from the mirror I stare. I see my father there. I miss […]

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Super Bowl

Watching a game with one who shares my name… Wondering what happened, what failed, the entire time his team trailed.. Least they could do, is give me the scores I drew… Regardless the end, from this loss they will mend.. Just wish it would have been, the Texans instead of Orange men… Right now, their […]

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Thankful for

What I am thankful for, Those who walk into the cold through this newsroom door… Those who capture images of hurt, and still hope… Those who retell the stores of pain and somehow themselves cope… Those who listen and learn, while others, with hate, burn… Those who know suffering is not forever, and with friends, […]

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Three jewels

In this life came three of great price… Eyes of jewels gleaming bright… Voices grown in worlds unknown… Three are they, I pray for each day… Faces etched in a broken heart… Words passing for a fresh start… Wrongs perceived, losses complete… Three are these jewels I cannot see.. A souls pain, a woman’s disdain… […]

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