One word

Are there in your world words you cannot hide? Do they come from the heart or simply live on your lips? While others struggles with infuriating clips. You single out those closest to you with torpedoing slips. Regardless your intent in friendship you must fail. At a time when hearts struggle with pain quit real. […]

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Never have I loved

Never have I loved so much as I now love you. So much so that distance only increases my want. Longing for your touch, hands in mine. Silence brings my heart near your soul listening. Listening for life’s breath and each hopeful word. Needs known only to you drive my very being. To take your […]

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Hello, amazed I’ve returned

Hello Amazed I’ve returned to share Share a strength Few could dare I’m learning Yearning though still For her form To be healed Her heart Her mind Her will All strong She carries your love All day long I thank you Thank you for this time Thank you for reasons Reasons that make us cry […]

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Hello before nights return

Hello Before nights return I’m here Beating away it’s terrors One prayer at a time Listing my wants and wishes Along with my life’s crimes Standing no more Kneeling here on this floor Thanking you Praising you From you all strength flows From your her strength grows Form you peace shows I thank you Waiting […]

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Catching a moment with you

Hello Catching a moment with you Calling from nights rest Thanking you for this test Faith is cold Lifeless Without challenge Without reason to hold Faith us just a word A noun Seldom a verb Now Now with this calling Medical Pains and all We know your help is here Here in these hearts Tried […]

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What battle are you in

Standing sign in hand Calling sins of other men Chanting hurts Showing signs What battle are you in Fighting right Fighting this night The right battle are you in Saving lives Saving souls Giving hope to those here in Standing sign in hand Calling sins of other men Chanting hurts Showing signs What battle are […]

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Hello, knee deep in humble pie

Hello Knee deep in humble pie, Back to sing Praises on high Seeing friends making her smile Seeing others go the extra mile Seeing her healing Seeing your plan I thank you What words fill this heart Begun with a painful start Fear laces hours Revealing your healing powers Trapped in miseries bog Regrets filling […]

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Hello, finding new reasons

Hello I’m finding new reasons, Reasons to talk with you So much I want to do With her For you For us Vacant stares greet my eyes As she hears a surgeons reasons Reasons why Than she laughs Simple with a smile Her hand straying to cover Cover an empty space Her hearts still covered […]

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Hello, more rested

Hello More rested I’ve returned Thanking you again This night passed With anxieties With frustration Day returned As you promised Returned with hope Bleeding away fear Thank you Sleepless But rest returns As hours we burn New time unearned Healing with each hour Strength Grows with prayers power Seeing her smile Hearing her laugh Thank […]

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