hello, less opinionated than

Hello Less opinionated than before I’ve returned seeking what i’m humanly unable to earn a moments peace from purging pains a minute of invigoration to keep her sane i thank you hoping to see her smile unforced hoping to hear cheer in her voice hoping to feel her trembling only from the cold hoping to […]

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Skin walker

Sifting flesh over angry bones Evil walks this earth alone Casting wide a wicked glare Snatching souls from those who dare To stare upon the unholy form Desiring hearts from living torn Willingly led now untimely dead Rattling breath on moonless nights Avert your eyes lest fear claim your sight Soulless taunts as evil walks […]

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Hello, from this night I’m calling

Hello From this night I’m calling Darkness which fills a soul Racked with cough Tortured Tired Trembling Thanking you Renewal rewards her slumbering form Untouched by pains anxieties For a while In slumbers realm Soul renewing sleep Sweeps clear her souls darkness Mornings return Finds lucid retorts Conversation starts From the night she calls Painful […]

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Hello, anger returns me

Hello Anger returns me Not at you Not at her Myself Selfishly seeking relief Relief of the burden of Of so much Even kneeling here Hearing my anger manifested in words Thoughts of reasons Assured they are just Must Must have been another Another in my heart Seeding discontent Unable to focus Even prayers lack […]

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In words are found my soul

Here in words are found my soul Written for all Read by few Bound in letters written on a page Praying for solace when none came Misunderstood, forgotten and alone Here in words are found my soul I prayed for the day when one comes to say Rise and seek no more Today you are […]

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Hello smiling as she laughs

Hello Smiling as she laughs I’ve returned Back to share To seek To praise Longing for more More days like this Home she’s found Calling out humors What a gracious sound She astounds Pains not masked Today’s its out laughed I thank you More times I ask Seeking more Seeing her smile Seeking a repetitious […]

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Hello, knee time again

Hello Knee time with me again Night welcomes me to my knees Humility Heavy Unexpected Multifaceted Intimidating Learning Individualized Timely Yours Strange how often I need it Reminded of my humanity Thank you Arrogance practiced Is unbecoming Reminded of where I’ve been With where I’m going Simple words Sown in this willing heart Unheard Till […]

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Hello, yessir yessir

Hello Yessir yessir me again Pride is what I too often swallow But today Today I’m most proud of my love Your strength In her every step Her every word Carried her to work today Just like our friend Loyce Stepping from pains darkness Through surgeries fears Into your healing arms Tender Angry Wounds Which […]

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Hello, talking ears off again

Hello Tempted to talk your ears off Again On a prayer that That will never end Hard come her words Between fears tears Listening to what isn’t said What is I thank you Thank you for putting me here Here for her Time with others filters her anxieties But dulls them not Seeping between realities […]

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