Suicide by cop

You gave it away One day Standing before all You gave that call Leaving none for us You took from each You gave it all away Leaving sorrow Pain and anger Wresting relief from us Leaving none to trust Who gives you the right To on a day Take your life Yet you made another […]

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Hello once again

Hello Once again I return Beside a hospitalized loved one Here amid these many in pain Seeing the hurt in eyes Of women and men Coughs Groans Woes Filling the air Here sitting alone in this chair Not so alone Here in this heart Your peace Your strength Through the night Watching each as many […]

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Hello, you have my attention

Hello You have my full attention now I cannot get any closer Lower Than you have me know I hurt for those I love For those who cannot help I thank you Thank you for this challenge Sitting here With a hospitalized loved one Watching her trembling form Anxieties waves wracking her brain Eyes wide […]

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Hello, hope filled words return me

Hello Hope filled words return me Return me to our shared prayer Frustrations hold stayed By replenishing faith filled breezes Sweeping angers fears From my heart Taking my tears Still I want Want for your peace To hear your song Perched on her lips Smiling With hopes whispers Spreading headings kisses Renewing Renewing our understanding […]

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Never have I loved

Never have I loved so much as I now love you. So much so that distance only increases my want. Longing for your touch, hands in mine. Silence brings my heart near your soul listening. Listening for life’s breath and each hopeful word. Needs known only to you drive my very being. To take your […]

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Hello is now a good time

Hello Is now a good time for a chat Knowing how busy you are Just wanted to say Thank you For this beautiful woman My best friend The love of my life My strong wife Watching each day Listening to her say Oh, you know it’s a flesh wound Or A little sore praise god […]

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