Hello, yep me again

Hello Yep me again Simple Thoughts Hopes Dreams Each gathering Then ripped At the seams Welcoming your hope Welcoming for love Welcoming your will I thank you For the time with her The words with her The strength in her Healing Your words on her lips Your peace in her heart Your love in her […]

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Hello, hope filled words return me

Hello Hope filled words return me Return me to our shared prayer Frustrations hold stayed By replenishing faith filled breezes Sweeping angers fears From my heart Taking my tears Still I want Want for your peace To hear your song Perched on her lips Smiling With hopes whispers Spreading headings kisses Renewing Renewing our understanding […]

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Hello, I came to you in my want

Hello I came to you in my want I return in my desire Humbly kneeling Before your greatness I thank you New hours are appointed Twenty five days of August till Heat fills her veins Seeking cancers fields Scotching what remains Her smile defeats depression Bearing back fears repression Faith like none I’ve known With […]

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Hello, amazed I’ve returned

Hello Amazed I’ve returned to share Share a strength Few could dare I’m learning Yearning though still For her form To be healed Her heart Her mind Her will All strong She carries your love All day long I thank you Thank you for this time Thank you for reasons Reasons that make us cry […]

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Hello, tears bring me to you

Hello Tears bring me to you knees As a child kneeling Hands on yours Planted in humility At prayers perch Hours with her words Relaxing by our lake Lake of hopes Rippling pool of prayers Listening to her desires Desires for others so near Tears not for herself But for those Those Unaware of your […]

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