Better voting choices

Weighted is the heart tied to events now passed. Hope filled longings for what was not to be, saddened others and anguished me. Why in the chaos of self bred corruption an electorate refuses to find in its midst candidates worthy of leadership and not just unmitigated rhetoric, continuos to confound logic. Unless as my […]

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Life’s question

A question began the conversation that resulted in this quest. “How long shall one live with out living in strife?” Pondering an answer that won’t sound absurd while reflecting on the inquisitors reasons for opening my mind, his answers in the question I surmised. Is it truly living, without some strife? Unchallenged vessels rarely withstand […]

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Chaco’s near fatal attraction

Preparation: research, water, gear and communication. At elevation 6000 feet above sea level, 80 degrees Fahrenheit at 10AM with a liter of water a broad brimmed hat and loose fitting layered clothes and maps of the area, a flatland Texas began the second Chaco Canyon hike of the day. Having already completed and rested from […]

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Histories untold

Captured images of long gone hours working righteously in unison for a common goal now revealing only a structures heart. Bereft of souls upon which each stone was cast lay rubble and sand mixed clays. Once where children played, animals grazed as people lived out their days now lizards lounge above snake infested grounds in […]

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Reason to exist

Tan, black and red swirling patterns bound with fire upon a frame for the tiny fingers of a child. Or did once the sand in rusted vessel hold sweet aromas bound for a feminine client seeking to allure a husbands nose? Found in fields turned for decades by plows behind horse and man. Unearthed where […]

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