Statues Fall

It is real this hate we see. It struggles within you and me. But foolish leaders focus our thoughts, On misguided desires, claiming peace can be bought. No statues fall, or street renamed, Can heal the pain from which it came. Accepting on faith each persons claim, Judge not skin hues, but how their character […]

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War correspondent

Fear stained pants, zippers now stuck. Salt ringed Kaki shirts, heavy sagging pockets. Socks eaten by gritty dirt, toes cracked and black. Fingers clutching this camera bleeding and raw. Covering a war, clicking behind a lens instead of a scope. With all these things they cope, war correspondent, I hope. Since a young age, seeing […]

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Forgotten tune

 Forgetting the words I hum this tune. Sweetly it plays with my heart strings as I walk in the moon. Moments of hope and happiness return as for the songs words I yearn. Pressed between long dormant desires and demands I find them again. Simply played, the chorus levity to me in darkness gave. All […]

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Our battles, all to often, choose their own time and place.In the Preparation to battle darkness, the word is our greatest defense. Prayerfully absorbing Gods word growing spiritually aware of our surroundings. Readying yourself and others for each battle because it will come like a cancer in child birth. When your joy reaches its peak, […]

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Elected son

With irritating regularity pungent prose spills from your lips. Clips and quips of irrational articulations spun between fantasy and fear. Sentences constructed around destructive principles of irrelevant thoughts. Yet, still we are responsible for your actions which we condone with a vote. You, yes you, the representative surrogates of each party lost in powers depravity. […]

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Today yields 

Understand, things I could and would have done different, I’d do them again.Today yields to tomorrow, not yesterday, so these events, must stay. Recorded on hearts and angry souls, confused and amused they are told. What crimes you call for punishment, others see as follies of youth for discussion. Yes, could I have, would I, […]

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Memorial liberty

Granting liberties pass, to each generation from the last. To home return, as lingering memories in your heart burn. For Fallen souls, unforgettable roles, trembling, tearfully some fold. Here you stand, as a stone for those left in foreign lands. We thank you, again, for you and each who for us took a stand. Rest […]

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Did it hurt, the initial flames from your plan? Did it hurt, the nails driven through your skin? Did it hurt, the steel balls drive into your skull? Did it hurt, the flesh melting from your face? Did it hurt, that last caustic breath you took? Did it hurt, when you slammed into that child? […]

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Between yesterday and tomorrow I arrive.Noisily, struggling these feet shuffling,  from the hall to our room, with night bumbling. Breath of night escapes your lips,  a rising moon frames your slumbering lips. Smiling, across the room I slip to your side,  my lips, find yours, you sigh. Closely I watch as nights light fills your […]

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A lot of me I got from you

Words, lengthy and strong, elegant and breathy, right or wrong, which should I use, to eulogize you! Tempted, and restrained,  rewarding you remained, here are a few. Around each syllable bound by your living,  troubled and pained, giving and forgiving. How in a few selected verses,  I can share your ageless hopes, and curses. Inquisitive and […]

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