Elected son

With irritating regularity pungent prose spills from your lips.

Clips and quips of irrational articulations spun between fantasy and fear.

Sentences constructed around destructive principles of irrelevant thoughts.

Yet, still we are responsible for your actions which we condone with a vote.

You, yes you, the representative surrogates of each party lost in powers depravity.

Debased are we this willing throng, your politics hidden in democracies songs.

Some singing Anarchies siren song others espousing educated elitists socialism, each wrong.

Before a people, dishonored and discouraged, we who failed to vote on your victories choke.

If casting a simple ballot could histories failures we challenge, would peace in our time we find!

Still, we must learn your failings and from these political railings, then choose, before we loose.

Vote I, nay, elect I the ones who follow the principles of the Son, do as you would have done.



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