Post cancer visit

Passions pregnant pause, revealing a heart rending little clause.To have and to hold, so bold, until death do us part, sad heart.

Between visits, the pain recalled, of this war, and cancers fall.

Graphic battles of will, giving great warriors a chill.

Strength fades, fear invades, hope stands still, praying to heal.

Who before and sense, has ridden this patient bench.

Etched their longings in its hide, the wicked curing tide to ride.

Cold halls, welcoming calls, familiar walls, here, evils onslaught is stalled.

Death takes us all, but to early some succumb, but you are not that one.

No tears the pain to erase, only joy, you have come to this place.

Regardless the stage of life you are in, at this point, you’re here to win.

Humbled we kneel before the throne, prayerfully, another day, go home.

Wage war on fear, on anxiety, take victory in each struggle and depression.

Here by design, are you, no fault, here for Christ’s victory too.

Your victories are legend, you defeats few, I love you.



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