Lazarus knows

Lazarus knows, he’s seen what’s in store, Lazarus knows.

When in the tomb Jesus they placed, his body hurriedly with little grace.

The apostles, hurried, harried and cried, for to them Jesus had died.

On him much promise they’d placed, now laying him in this place.

Lazarus knows, looking at heaven from graveside, Lazarus knows.

Rumblings since Jesus death, grumblings from followers breath.

Pharasees and Sadducees joy fouled, leaving an evil taste in their mouths.

They ask, What can keep him in, this tomb of stone hewn by men.

Lazarus knows, he heard the voice and walked out, Lazarus knows.

Wrapped for the grave, on a stone shelf, who can Jesus save.

Trembling guards, holding on with fright through two long nights.

Eleven gather separately and pray, knowing not what to say.

Lazarus knows, heeded the call from the master and all, Lazarus knows.

This night grows deep, few will get sleep, his word the master will keep.

Crowd the sabbath dispersed, weak, wondering, in scripture immersed.

His might this night cannot contain, mornings light the King will frame.

Lazarus knows, his glory has he seen, Lazarus knows.



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