Good friday

FridayIt was the me, I was the one, but should I die for this sin?

Why should I go, is there not another greater, for them to show?

Winning about your punishment on makes it worse.

Stand and take it like a man, are you adverse to accepting your guilt.

No it is not the guilt, I knew it was wrong, the crime carried me along.

You were with us, you admitted the crime, and death is calling you for your time.

Soon, they’ll scourge us, then drag us to that foul smelling hill.

The one which they call the skull, where the refuse is thrown.

Yes, we are no better, be strong, it was a thrill, it after all was a Roman you killed.

No, you killed him, I took his gold, it was wrong, can I not for his family slave!

You will be as me, a slave in hell, you for your family once did well.

I am ready to die, to hang on that cross up in the ski.

Come you two, your places are ready, today a third will complete you.

We will go, but not willingly, bring back the lash and chains.

I will go, soon this, this is paradise with pain, no struggle when you came.

Marching us to the hill, I see a crowd moving toward us, jeering in chorus.

As we are stretched upon rough, splintered beams maroon from long use, I see.

He follows another, beaten and bruised, thorns wrapped about his head as a crown.

Piercing nails ravage my flesh, as one ties my arms the other hammers them to set.

Suddenly my legs to the beam are secured a hammer pushes into my feet dull rusty nail.

My partner in crime calls curses on those hammering him to his cross.

I try to remain quite, but am beaten and tossed.

As our tormentors raise up or wooden burdens, roughly they drop us, flesh tearing in unison.

Screaming with pain, I push up to breath, feeling the beating they gave he and me.

To focused on my own pain to notice, our party of three is in place minus the chorus.

My companion chides him to call down Angels to save him.

Then I know who hangs between us, this Jesus the Nazarene.

He walked on water I heard tell, and healed he sick, saving many from hell.

Do not curse your self and this man, we deserve our fate, he is the son of man.

Rabbi, remember me when you come into your kingdom.

Silent was the wonder who shared my crime, as he witnessed the innocent about to die

“Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

I wept as the sun fell on us, he raised up, calling out, “it is finished.”

As he fell, the earth trembled and a roar like thunder in the clear ski.

Just as the guards were about to break my legs so I’d die, my last breath left.



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