Satan’s Breath (pt1)

It was the day the earth trembled and the trees fell.

This village struggled before, now goes through a living hell.

Born from the hate and love of previous things it rose.

Satan’s breath it blew as the skies it took from you.

Birds falter and flee, diving through glass at you and me.

Vehicles of the land and air, fall empty as it grows near.

From where comes this nightmare on wings you ask, I’ll tell.

From dreams we dare not share, of evil desires, 

the hate we harbor, these it sired.

How long it lay in the cavernous tomb, 

we pray it’s kin won’t there depart soon.

The men of war, the women of science, 

each lost on the victory it denies us.

Hide if you can, it prowls this once prosperous land.

Lakes now steaming wells of turbid disgust, 

barren land, melted metal rusts.

Calling for you to save our land, 

before she takes the very last man.

No mythical dragons rising from the deep,

 could bear witness to this creature of Hell’s keep.

Deeper in your dreams where nightmares broil,

There trolls and terrors on this beast once toiled.

Rounding this fortress on a singed hill,

She swings looking for her next meals.

Legend carried from the natives whose lands we now hold, did tell,

That in times of plenty, their hopes running high, evil with their bounty would fly.

Fighting in the night, once warriors found her lair,

Laying in wait, sparing her young, showing they could care.

Not desires are evil they wanted her to see.

As she stood before them on gnarled, clawed feet spread.

They bowed their heads in prayer too the great spirit, 

her they’d defeat.

Arrows flew, spears broken in batting for life as they must.

It is all we know from the last human survivor, 

in him this tale we trust.

Eras have past since last on humanity she came for repast.

Tonight after years of this fight, 

we seek her din again, to deny her flight.

Come if you will, this hunt your heart might still.

If we fail, in finding her home, 

hell’s torment forever might roam.

Through this valley whence she first came, 

stand ready for the watcher who with her came.

Like birds of the air, though silent they sit, 

waiting for arriving threats, a shrill alarm she gets.

Will you join us, the last of your kind,

Help us rid the world of evil and deceit of the mind,

Return the hope we lost, and the peace find.

Hunting for truth in this din of lies,

Without being fried alive.



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