Rural nights

Nights silence is deafening.

With each chirp and Frog that sings.

I welcome a rural night.

Passing cars are a seldom sight.

Pungent flora under foot.

Grandpas snoring insomnia’s root.

Winds whispering slumber calls.

Ruffled covers seek me just down the hall.

Rumbling, roaring water soon ceases.

By then I’m snug under cool sheets.

Listen, hear the final call.

Mornings distant trumpet a rooster an all.

Under moons bright glow.

The only neon light might in my dreams show.

Sleep corralled her sheep.

Soon I’m in my loves arms quite deep.

Country nights on rough roads.

Few venture here as these sleeping here shows.

Good night my city friend.

We are snug just inside the rivers bend,



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