Astana breath(pt2)

Satan’s Breath (pt2)Clipped by the sting of caustic air,

Traveling along paths in pairs.

Watching for life in the death of the night.

Stealing glances for screeches along this trial perched.

Found in the mists of this trail, 

Remnants of others who here fell.

Great was the byway which through here once passed.

Cargo from eastern shores passed west coast travelers, it didn’t last.

On that day when arrogance blasted, this world we rule, we are master.

Water bends to our whim, mountains or feet kick in, we think, we win.

Denying the life of the earth, gave call to her rebirth.

Angry cast offs of society, humbled by these lacking piety.

Standing so firm, they’d conquered the last germ.

What now stands in our way, the universe will be ours one day.

Stealing between an armies Skeletal remains, fearful we’ll be the same.

Why do you seek my assistance on this quest, what can this wordsmith test.

My shield is my faith, Gods word is my sword, but I bear this beast no ill will.

Halting our quest, her words on me fall like stones from a Great Wall.

Have you not seen this beasts ravages, and these people quite lean?

Do you not know, it is with faith that we are all here, into her lair will go.

Your sword is the word, your words are our sword, 

she battles for our souls, as only you can know.

With your wit me was battle, seeking justice as you two Prattle.

This beast as you say, is a creature long past her days.

How will my words, fill a heart, darkened by evil from its start?

Can I now converse, with a monster of legend and verse?

Yes, in a words, words can hold sway over the beast throughout our stay.

Her attention on you turned, we her progenies location can learn.

And then as in old, hold her captive toll her den is closed.

But, you cannot stay, you must tell of this day.

Saddened with this burden as with hundred and one warriors I walked, none talked.

Not to far now, was her call, crossing once travel byway, for us all.

First came the blood curdling scream, then reflected from every hill it seemed.

Run, now, run for the den, before she sees these men.

From a jog to a sprint into the hellish den each man ran in.

Spotted by the screeches, not a minute too soon, her presents is on us like doom.

A carrion nest is how I describe it best, legs and arms, horses, and a whale, what a tale.

But I digress, this battle will come and put each of us to the test.

How will I stand agains a beast who knows no end.

Prayerfully few, would have stood where I choose.

In the name of the Holy Spirit, for Christ’s blood we claim, victory this day.

As this verse is recorded, I will share till the last, there are vessels here hidden, 

holding the future and this past.



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