Roo, Roo, Roo

Roo, Roo, Roo, we know you too.

Before you’d into my lap crawl.

At the very sight of me you’d bawl.

Refusing my reach, others you’d seek.

Then one day you came.

Since then we’ve been the same.

Pals running around, building forts in trees found.

Flying you in the air.

Tickling till all you could do was stare.

Unable to breath, you messed up my hair.

Yes, once you were small.

Hurting only if others saw you fall.

Chasing Sadie, trees you now climb.

Higher and higher, away from my sight line.

Where ever she goes you are there.

Your sister, from her you learned to be quit a pair.

You alone can call, on Addie to make you tall.

From these shoulders you’ll never fall.

So young, no time for looking back.

Gathering sticks, putting bugs in a sack.

Forward you run, seeking new fun.

Seven is your number for luck.

From baseball to playing with your truck.

Every day’s your birthday, cause every day’s a gift.

Can we go play, and in he treehouse stay.

Roo, Roo, Roo, bouncing around before you were two.

Jumping from couch to chair, just to mess up my hair.

Being my friend, I’m yours till the end.

In a tree, come and see.



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