Gate two

Happy am I to stand for you here.

Walking with others we both hold dear.

What was the reason,

you could not come today.

I understand, your fears, for you I pray.

Grumbling comes not from this line,

Pay those angry voices no mind.

Weathered expressions fixed on faces.

Struggling with hope to find these places.

Here in this line you belong.

It was my time, 

you did nothing wrong.

Speed was a factor, 

weather contributed too.

One day soon you’ll understand, 

there was nothing you could do.

Yes, here we all wait,

As Peter opens another gate.

Swiftly we arrived, 

In exchange we had to die.

Behind those we love,

Remain for his return above.

Till then for you I’ll pray,

I’ll see you here at heavens gate.

W.A. Manning©2017


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