Cameroon father

Cameroon few fathers, have you known.

Biya and Ahidjo, 

men of stature, 

power each has sown.

Before your inception, 

before unification another was there.

Trekking through forest, 

and veldt great and small.

On the hearts and from the tongues,

 his love told to all.

He comes as a servant,

 demanding only your love.

In love for the one above,

we are obedient to his heavenly call.

Not a master whipping us to make us care.

But our savior who holds our hearts,

and treats us most fare.

In our sin we condemned him to die.

From the grave arose our light, 

please give him a try.

No father could love you more, 

no brother could love you less.

Cameroon in the name of Jesus, 

through the Holy Spirit, in him confess.

More that I learn of my family living there, 

more I pray for your souls his message to share, 

so much more for each of you I care.

Cameroon, the father is calling.



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