Sin filled form

Trembling before your gaze, in awe I come.Willing, these feet difficulty finding footing.

Yet, here I stand nothing more than a man.

Humbled in circumstance, not here by happenstance.

How is you have need of this sin filled form.

Where should I go, that others will know you sent me?

Three in one, anger defeated, pride subjugated, fear relegated, I come.

You knew I would, in your infinite wisdom.

It was your plan, for this mere mortal man.

Images unexplainable driving nights ramble.

Sorting meanings in verse not in reverse.

What have you for me to do now?

I will go, I will pray, for you, one day.

Trembling with loves thrill, as your voice my heart fills.

So long have you waited, crafting this day.

Storms, stalled wants, rewards with blood bought.

As you for my soul fought, now, I am caught.

Caught in your arms, send me willingly where you can.

Who know needs to know your word?

Send me, I will go, for with me, I know you will go.




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