The way I am

Thank you lord for making me this way.For walking me through nights of terror.

Covering my losses with your hope.

Helping me endure time without those I love.

Not as alone as I thought, peace you brought.

The times I could not understand my thoughts.

When reason failed and fortune died.

Especially for making me different, thanks.

And sharing with me why, normal is so boring.

Sometimes I just want to cry as I share.

As I tell others about your love, they seem to stare.

Then I remember, you come to them in different ways.

Your heart telling me what to say.

Words fill my heart, pouring forth on the page.

Some ancient sage I wish to quote, and you say no.

Knowing your will fills my mind and floods my heart.

Never far apart, strange though I may seem.

To these who despise, dismiss or denigrate me, you see.

And now I understand, that as I follow you, becoming more a man.

After your own heart, others fear the change.

Thinking it makes me, and others strange.

When all I feel is understanding.

Yes I am different, my friends can be as well.

Please give me the words so each I can tell.

That, they are loved, through this sin.

Fallen and broken we can be born a new.

Your grace if we allow, does replace the desires of this space.

Accepting you as our Christ or savior, the son of God.

Letting you come in, makes me better.

I thank you for making me different.


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