Grandmothers wait

Here am I, to hear your words, what hope can mine sow!Are these the last I will hear in gladness, I cannot know!

Trembling and confused, you organize a few and choose!

Anxious, you struggle, I smile and share a memory you loosed!

Strength fails as your heart waivers and falls, your will still strong!

I wait at your side, decades of faith carried inside, you ask will it be long!

I cannot know, as time passes you by, I fight off tears that I cry!

God knows your heart, share as you can, this is not your final fight!

When you forget these pains, each fearful step, when heaven you gain!

Looking back we’ll know these tears we shed, flow from heaven like rain!

Watering Faith’s well tended fields, furrowed by troubled souls like you!

Not afraid of heavens gain, but missing these moments you knew!

Asking for peace, with each breath to Christ I offer!

How long from Gods gift will we proffer!

Rest now, soon your work will be done.



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