Hello, I’m reading your life

or from my despair and self pity I grew.As I prayed for salvation on your birthday who knew.

So close to taking what you’d me given.

But now, sharing with others in your peace I’m truly living.

I thank you.

Too much have you forgiven, that I should forget.

Your purpose for me living, is so others on this path, I can set.

 Fear no longer guarded by anger fills my heart.

For with your peace, only love from here can start.

I thank you.

So friend, stop your grieving souls plunge.

Accept Christ’s love, his peace and hope can make you one.

One with his will, your walk each day he will fill.

Even in struggle you’ll find his blessings give you a chill.

I thank you.

Lord for what you’ve given me.

For what you’ve taken from me.

For what others of you see in me.

For loving me.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.


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