On you ran

Stood by you when others withdrew.Walking glass laden paths as others laughed.

Recalling the place, we first embraced.

On you ran, On without this man. 

Through night’s folds into evils holes.

On you ran, here, still I stand.

Before you knew my name still I came.

When all you claimed was what others gave.

Struggling amid life’s seas to breath, you took a knee.

Prayers of pain from your lips slipped.

Crossing, willing ears, your gnawing fears.

Cleansing past sins, this life you begin.

On you ran, on without hates sin.

Through life’s trials you stride.

In Christ, placing all your pride. 

Stood by you when others withdrew.

Walking with this, new you.

Realizing at last, pain will pass.

On You ran, holding my hand.

From the night, into the light. 

On you ran, on, you ran.

W.A. Manning


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