How well do you know…

How well do you know the person sitting next to you?

Do you know their favorite color, their birthday, their favorite song.

Why is this important, why do I ask.

A wise man once told me that some part of us.

Be it good or bad, becomes a part of each person me meet.

You choose what to loose, they choose what we gain.

How so I asked. How so?

Greeting a new person your stance, hand shake and words you choose.

Each depicts not only your mood but your faith and your hopes.


Yes, imagine if you will I meet a person in my angriest state.

The witness my rage, it’s overpowering affect on those around me, including them.

The next time the loose their temper, some part of me is on display in their regrettable explosion.

If we had met in a moment of joy and great discourse.

What part of the peace in my soul would not find its way into that persons action.

Count the number of times your bad day has been spoiled by another’s happy nature.

Their contentment overwhelmed your misgivings.

From either, you literally walked away cursing or whistling.

What then of yourself do you wish to share with others.

Give of the joy of a Christ filled life.

Or, purge evils hatred on unsuspecting hearts.

Select how you will be, and live with the peace of knowing.

Someone you may have only passed and spoken with for a moment.

That person forever will be part of the joy of hope.

Have faith in yourself and the Christ who died for you.

In your walk you will find many willing to carry the tune you share.

Bare no ill will living for each day with his peace.

And the anxieties that crowd out our joy.

These will be replaced by the love and willingness to understand.

And to help others manage their own anxieties and fears.

Come, what do you take away from our chance meeting?

Christ be praised, I see it in your eyes.

It is the hope that faith fosters in a loving heart.

Share, and see how much you, for others care.

How well do you know those seated by you.

Smile and share a hope and your faith today.

Don’t delay. 



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