Courting friends

Closer to the pair I strove. Listening as her young frame shaking,

 as words to him she spoke.

In silence he sits, listening,

As her pouting lips are pulled thin.

Up from his bench he stares,

Care flickering like a flame in his eyes there.

Great overtakes her tirade,

In the speechless void he coughs.

Startled, grimacing she looks down,

On this aged man, grayed, limbs failing.

Then his ragged though pleasant voice calls,

On hers and nearby ears on which hers cursed.

In your haste to judge he says,

You’ve prevented the peace I find perched on life’s ledge.

Not leaving in judge on you fell my eyes as you passed,

Rather reflecting on Gods magic in your form my lass.

Breathing a cough, stunned she and we listen,

As his heavy accent softens to his reproach.

Yes,mass you stepped into our view,

These eyes from memory drew.

Passions of a youthful past,

Now, like a patron enjoying vintages in swirling glass.

Form fitted, taught and new,

You strode here for all to view.

Then as if to say, desire me not, look away,

On My smiling glance, your words did prance.

These blue grey eyes smile for discourses chance.

A moment of your time purchased with my smile,

Brought your halt, and kept you for a while.

She stood bewildered for having berated this man.

For his knowing smiles, are part of a greater plan.

To meet, and greet strangers as they pass.

Occasional, to be seated with a beautiful lass.

Both smiled, she turned, then back up.

Sitting on the grass at his feet, on her flowing dress.

What pray tell is there to find in a strangers heart like mine?

A friend he coughingly replies, a friend before I die.

Tears and laughter fill the air as others join the pair.

Seated on the ledge of life, courting friends with a stare.



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