Crossing between discourse and disgust, Listening to rhetoric with growing distrust.

Words flung in hate belittling debate,

Once great, this democracy, rushes hates gates.

Gathering throngs, marshaling under defeatist chants,

Panting for socialisms failing banners, still they rant.

Listen, if you will, to your voices so shrill, 

Disparaging continually others beliefs, freedoms growing chill.

Liberty holds tenuously onto parchment in crimson written,

Trodden with banners under evils paid soles, politically smitten.

Orations flattering blasphemy wrings lies from truths,

Fostering misguided thrill seekers masquerading as youths.

Minds disengaged as lips spill ugly rage,

Flags, placards swimming human seas, reciting chants from another age.

Still, to chose who in this nation will lead,

Electorate making their choice should not have to bleed.

Deny no one a voice as your own is heard,

Regardless the party, Liberty is Democracy’s sacred word.



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