Life’s fire

Life’s fire fills her eyes again.Pain and confusion lived in them to long. Fear chased hope, though, never from her heart. Her eyes, filled to often with want. Wildfire infused in her port. Ravaging more than the cancer it fought. Taking her memory first then her will. I still have s chill to think of […]

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Sending you through those doors.Grew harder each time. Watching fear in your eyes, As the rolled you to the room. Even the memory of your pain, The struggles to regain, Steals the breath from my heart. Angry beats for the moments, Cancer from our lives cheats. Too many to count, Procedures and surgeries mount. Healing […]

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Sleep, renew

Gifted in your intellect. Graced by beauty beyond sight. What wonders fill your words. Waxing poetic on ideals which stir your mind. Teena Lynne, heart of a lion. Tough and tender, hopes passions within her. Sleep queen of my life. Slumber till morning light. Renew your strength in realms so deep. Reborn each day, an […]

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