Life’s fire

Life’s fire fills her eyes again.Pain and confusion lived in them to long.

Fear chased hope, though, never from her heart.

Her eyes, filled to often with want.

Wildfire infused in her port.

Ravaging more than the cancer it fought.

Taking her memory first then her will.

I still have s chill to think of her weak and afraid.

This love of my life, battling cancers might.

Now months from wildfires infusion, 

there is less confusion.

Her will grows stronger, her prayers longer.

Closer we grow to each other and our Lord.

Watching her suffer and recover changes one.

Not who she was before, neither am I.

I see the fire of life burning brighter in her eyes.

Each day past the last surgery, we are blessed.

My love for her, grows ever stronger.

My praise for Christ Jesus’ healing and peace, the same.

At this place we would not be, if he never came.

These trials are strengthening us, and our prayers for you.

Unseen, but heard, your needs fill us with prayers words.

And we pray, and we pray.


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