Not proud

Following angry words a torrent of contentious humanity flowed through the hall.Bringing vitriolic speech where unity and orchestrated cohesion once held sway.

Today chanting disgruntled malcontents celebrate mob mentality with brutality.

Stand with these, or me, for freedom to peaceably assemble and speak.

Cry for civilities failure urged to an untimely demise at selfish liberal socialist.

Brown shirted thugs marching in our streets seeking others liberties, delivering their own.

Stand in democracies crucible, forging free speech for all as the temped sword of freedom.

Shout none down for failure to agree with your desires, lest you face your own cries.

Deny no person the liberties you seek, in doing, you strip your own to your feet.

Trodden under fools feet are centuries of hate and oppression, discuss, banter but don’t shout.

Work out your differences, don’t beat it out, before a world applauding your demise.

Stand proud, united, not frenzied before a triumphant socialist dictator guiding you.



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