It died

Tonight, it died, with its spark of inspiration, winning is times duration.This dream of mine, now to never into rockets of discovery climb.

Long has it flourished, in these backwaters of my heart, with hope nourished.

Passing Odysseys date, racing past the great race, this dream is dead.

Donning explorations uniform, hoping heavens gates my norm, don’t dread.

Tonight, it died, this dream of mine, too among the stars roam, calling space my home.

Touching humanities first, seeing planets burst, stirring up new worlds dust.

Yes, I longed to be, what few could in me see, suited for space travel, a dream unraveled.

 Yes, it is dead, I dread this reality only as long as my words allow me.

Forget what desires from today grow this one I truly longed to know.

Tonight, it died, with its spark of i proration, winning is times duration.

Oh well, who will know, how much red soil of a sister earth could feel between these toes.

WAManning ©2016


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