Done with yesterday.Yes, and today as well.

But they are not done with me.

Returning as a foul wind stinking up my rest.

Tossing between each miss step.

Swirling with forgetful words uttered into a whirlwind.

They are not yet finished with me, regretfully.

Night offers not rest but reconstruction.

Frustration lies in wait before I can unburden myself.

Tomorrow looms as in this moment my resolve melts away.

Battered by irrelevant hours past, this hour is best.

Here in twilight’s gathering are the moments I linger on best.

Between warming cover let’s sighs my sleeping love.

Winds of winter battering about my sturdy home.

Though here, with a ravaged heart, resting finally the words start.

First one then others pile on, gathering praises from days long gone.

Teetering in turbulent seas, I remember cooling springs of ease.

Peace slips into a battle scared heart as faith reclaims its part.

Between nights curtain and dawns rewarding light I find this sight.

Small pages filled with life, reading revealing messages of your fight.

Forgive my, for my failures and frustrations I claim.

For your victory over sins pain, I with you stand again.

Accepting me as I am in my trials, willing my success over these miles.

I thank you, oh, and Amen.

WAManning ©


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