Tempered in

Tempered in the tossing night sweats and fits.Honed in each caustic nightmare between stone and steel.

Rent in the pains of a failing form accepting these as norm.

Aging in dawns soul draining light, hungry still I fight.

Lost in repleted guidance of well meaning acquaintances.

Persuaded in reluctant terms to relinquish these germs.

Unfettered in my recovery fears fading and passing.

Healing in my infirmity regardless what is done to me.

Hunted in healthy genes reasons hopelessness runs rampant.

Finished in days unwelcome embrace as nights fires I chase.

Focused in momentary flashes of frustrations passes.

Found in my own foolish fears awash in doubts tears.

Distrusting in a nights desires temperate and dire.

Unfinished in my sight this struggle returns each night.

Warped in my understanding struggling it’s so demanding.

Wanted in the hurt some reasons not to be covered in dirt.

Cursing in my bare feet this bizarre life standing before the mercy seat.

Finished in the race leaving a world with no trace.



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