Answer me this

Answer me this.

Humbled and denied I cried.

In my darkness without hope.

Unable with failure to cope.

Trembling, kneeling, this heart revealing.


Why, did I have to fall so low.

Sinking in regret and despair.

Frustrated and forlorn.

Unwilling to see what stood before me.


Did I not hear your love call.

Accept your arms rescuing me from it all.

Rest in the peace of your will.

Come to know you, and be still.

Answer me this.


Could I not have here started.

Not had to fallen as my strength departed.

Never mind I think I see.

It was not you, but stubborn me.

Answer me this.


Made you this stubborn cuss.

Who seems thankless and full of fuss.

Why, do you love me still.

Even as I fell from your will.

Thank you.

For this answer I sought.

With your blood this life you bought.

Standing with these like minded fellows.

Your glory and blessings we now bellow.

This you answered me.



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