Upon a great four legged stool before a wide eyed few.Displeased she called out my failures and bleak future.

Tortured at her leisure before this class and for her pleasure.

Rambling about a child’s head disgraces replacing hope with dread.

Stupid flies from her lips pinching and coughing me with snaring clips.

Doomed in disgust, belittled by one I’d trusted

Shamed, tamed early by hates railing she said so in I’d be jailing.

Father, mother and friends unable to understand her games end.

Still seated, somewhat defeated, before these I know.

Never returning to school for their enjoyment to show.

Feet finding pavement and grass, running from her as bells blast.

Crying tears of hurt for her discouraging blurts.

Nothing will I be, I fall not fare from a families failure tree.

Amazed as her health declines and her teaching is sidelined.

First one then another I pass, pleasing her replacement and the class.

But soon she return, and of my success she learns.

Retaking, her grades baking in evils kitchens of defeat.

My parents learn of her feat, sending her packing, and me anew seat.

Renewed hope fostered in a teachers hands.

Nothing except a chance to succeed I begin new again.

Upon a wooden desk seat, no stool or hate filled words to repeat.

Why I ask these many years later, did you take a child and begin such anger.

What hate fills your heart, you chose to be a teacher from the start.

When this lesson you chose to teach’ you kindled hate and defeat.

I forgive you for my anger, but for those who knew not why, I’m still debating.

How many did you doom, to walk in paths of gloom.

Your choice to fill each with disgust and hate, you built legions you did denigrate

Still you were arrested before more your hateful lust could sate.

Still I pray for these who you Cortez with deceits bait.

Lingering in prisons of your creation, generations lost from higher calłs.

Remember if you accept the role, teacher, instructor, the lives you hold.

Forming from the first words you tell, you hold educations spell.

Swing wide the wand of fate, fulfill the message on this plate.

Feed them with willing lessons and each your glories they’ll share the message.

Belittle none, share hope with each one, and the few who return.

These your learning, they’ll take to others and our future re-begun.



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